My 5 Favorite Soul Food Dishes For Fall

There is no doubt that as Americans, we love our lifestyles and traditions and follow them passionately. In truth, soul food is purely American and its not just a tradition, but a way of life. Having originated in the southern parts of America, soul food is an African-American cuisine, which combine a variety of ingredients that are indigenous to Africans and some that are indigenous to native Americans. In other words, soul food is a cuisine that originated from the African-American slaves and the recipes are a combination of indigenous African ingredients that were mostly found in American plantations. To this end, I got to admit that I am not left out and my 5 favorite soul food dishes for the fall are described below.

Before going to the soul food dishes, it is worth noting that these cuisines play an important role in the American society, especially during fall periods. As the name suggests, soul dishes are meant for soul nourishment in the sense that they bring the family together. Borrowed from the southern way of life, everybody is expected to be at dinner, especially when soul dishes are served.

Okra, Corn and Tomatoes

This is one of my 5 favorite soul food dishes for the fall. Okra being a delicacy, especially in American South, is fried with bacon together with onions. This is then simmered with fresh tomatoes in addition to canned corn. Adding a little garlic and green pepper can give the dish a new delicious twist. It becomes good when served with cornbread and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This delicacy is ultimately good for soul as it bring that much required bond in the family. It takes around 30 minutes to prepare; thus becoming a good choice for the fall particularly if you have a busy schedule.

Braised Collard Greens

One of the most important side to cooking greens like collards is to ensure that its tough structure is broken down. The use of braised collard greens heaped together with turnip and mustard greens in addition to onions, fresh ham hocks and salt pork brings out the Southern feeling it deserves. This delicacy is soothing to the soul and can be used as a side dish during thanksgiving.

Soul Smothered Chicken

As our souls are in constant search for pure comfort, smothered chicken is the way to go. Chicken pieces such as legs and thighs are placed into a cooking flour mixed with various spices and seasonings such as onion powder and salt. These are then pan-fried, smothered and baked to bring out the delicious part of this Deep South dish. This dish becomes best for guests who love a pure home cooked meal, especially during the fall.

Hoppin’ John

Being one of the classic southern dishes, it comes in various versions with the main one being a combination of black-eyed peas, rice, onions and smoked pork. This wonderful flavor can be cooked for about an hour and can bring good luck to the soul when served at the start of the fall. This is at least according to the Deep South myths.

Down Home Chitterlings

Being a favorite among traditional Deep South families, pork intestines can be essential for the start of the fall. They need an immaculate cleaning and can be served with hot sauce, rice, collard green or corn bread. I have to admit that I mostly enjoy chitterlings that are cooked by somebody else rather than me.

Being my 5 favorite soul food dishes for the fall, I have to admit that I cannot get enough of these dishes. Let me know what your favorite soul food for the fall is in the comments below.